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  • Reviewed by NW on 8/30/2017

    I took my Mercedes-Benz in for service. Three reasons, the steering wheel when turning right, was making a knocking noise. Secondly, I wanted to have my wipers looked at to determined if they needed replacing. Lastly, the psi tire pressure was displaying on the panel and consistently going up and down. Turning into the service area, took 10 minutes, just mere confusion. Once I finally got in, I spoke with the service advisor, Josh, and was clear what items I brought my car in for. He told me they needed about 1.5 hours to diagnose the problem. 2.5 hours later, I went to his ofc only to be told they still didn't know what the issue was and needed another 30 mins. I wanted to leave the car, but there weren't any loaners available. He finally came back and admitted he misunderstood the initial items I needed to have serviced. Instead, they were looking at my tire traction...really??? Why would they look at my traction when clearly the display on my panel indicates the problem was with the pressure of my tires. After being there three hours with nothing done on my car, he told me the problems with the steering was caused by a bad bushing and the part would take four days to come in. I asked if the wipers had been looked at. Of course, that hadn't been done. He said he wasn't sure but the cost would be 60.00 to replace. I asked him to move forward with replacing them. A few mins later, he came back and said he made a mistake, the wipers were 175.00, (my car has heated wipes). Why wouldn't he find this out first before quoting the wrong price...especially, three times what he initially quoted. He claims the mechanic said the wipers needed replacing. Frankly, although, I just paid to have them replaced, I truly think they didn't need replacing. Why? Because, after leaving, I turned the wipers on and they are still making the same noise. Josh asked me to bring my car back in next Monday to have the bushing replaced; however, I don't trust the competency of this group and don't plan to return. I was not expecting such a calamity of incompetence from a Mercedes-Benz organization. What a horrible experience!

  • Reviewed by Integrity on 8/26/2017

    Dishonest Customer Service no Integrity For what The quality of what Mercedes-Benz standard. Need to micro manage your employees. ASAP ASAP now quick reply

  • Reviewed by C350 on 7/18/2017

    Received 3 1/2 months' ago a letter re: recall of my car for a potential dangerous issue. Called and was told part would be in May. Called in May and was told it would be in in June. June came and went. Called yesterday- was on hold for 20 minutes; then got a prompt to leave message which I did. 24 hours later and no call, I called 7 times today, left messages and the last girl hung up on me. If this is potentially dangerous, why isn't the part in and the issue resolved. Left the last message that I posted a review and got a response that the department is on vacation. I suppose the one who responded was on vacation too??? Where is customer service and SPEAKING on the phone? Then we did a chat with a robot who says she's human, but responds like a robot telling me she's having a great day at MB - how's mine. Clearly if I have an issue, I'm not having a great day. Why don't you employ people that who listen to their clients and answer accordingly, instead of reading from a SCRIPT. I see Lisa G had a similar experience. Is the whole department on vacation, and why does the voice message say I'll get a call back ASAP. Does that mean a week, month, depending on when they return from vacation? What if I wanted to buy a NEW CAR; would I not get a return phone call? I think not. I spoke to Ashley, Amanda, someone whose name begins with an 'F' who hung up on me. My husband's livid and on his way now to your dealership. This is the worse service I've encountered, and what's worse is I'm driving a car that is potentially dangerous. You are going to be flooded with law suits.

  • Reviewed by Klove on 6/6/2017

    The Buckhead location charge double the price on maintenance, you can save money with taking your Benz to another certified Benz dealership for maintenance service

  • Reviewed by Cherry Log on 9/29/2016

    The whole process from start to finish was exceptional. We drove an hour and forty minutes to lease our third MB from Mercedes Benz of Buckhead. David Olson and the whole crew made it a pleasant experience.

  • Reviewed by Val Napolitano on 9/22/2016

    Enjoyed the experience. Great product. Very service oriented with courteous follow up.People were waiting on us and made us feel very comfortable..Highly recommend.

  • Reviewed by NancyAndDeb on 8/21/2016

    On August 19, 2016, my partner and I went into Smart Center of Buckhead, GA. We always brought our 2008 Smart Fortwo Passion for servicing for the past 5+ years. Mr. Everett Mann has always been beyond exemplarity in handling our needs. It was Everett that we spoke to, when it came to the time to replace our 2008 Fortwo with a newer model. He suggested we talk to Emmanuel Lindsey in the Smart Sales department. Mr. Lindsey made the process as smooth and easy as possible, multitasking the inspection and trade-in pricing of our 2008, right down to the haggling and price points of the final purchase of our new 2016 Smart Fortwo Passion. (Yes, we went with the same model… it has been that kind of great model ? ). Within a few hours, Emanuel had us signed, sealed, and delivered our new car, tags set up, and our old car being prepped for their teams to send her on to a new smart lover down the line. With Emanuel’s and Jonas Hohenfield’s help, patience, and consideration of our personal “needs and wants”, we went through the process with a relaxed and satisfied feeling. They took the time and with great humor, to explain, compare, and show all the differences, to us in each model, and humored our attempts at haggling over the price points and incentives with the paperwork. If anyone ever asks us about our Smart Car (and many do!) I send them directly to the Smart Center of Buckhead, and to Mr. Mann for servicing, Mr. Lindsey and Mr. Hohenfield for sales, and let them know there is no better team or Smart Dealership in the state of Georgia! Bravo Gentlemen! Bravo and Thank you for making this a great experience! Because of Mr. Mann, Mr. Lindsey, and Mr. Hohenfield, we drove away completely satisfied in our choice, relaxed about the financing, and happy with the experience. A great Car, a great Dealership, and a FANTASTIC Team!

  • Reviewed by happycustomer on 7/31/2016

    I recently purchased a GLE 350 at this dealership. I worked with Casey. He was absolutely wonderful. He worked hard initially to assist me in getting the deal I desired. He proceeded with working through the few challenges we encountered to find the exact car I wanted. He communicated well with keeping me updated every step of the way. Ultimately, he found me an even better vehicle than I had planned to get initially for the same price!. The entire team was helpful and informative. I plan to be a lifetime customer and would recommend the Mercedes-Benz Buckhead dealership to anyone looking to purchase a vehicle.

  • Reviewed by Mercedeschoice on 7/2/2016

    I am totally satisfied with my Mercedes from Buckhead. Carol Davis's personality combined with her skill and professionalism made my experience superior. Great buy. Carol and the team at Buckhead has earned my trust. When shopping for my next car Mercedes-Benz of Buckhead will be my choice.

  • Reviewed by Joanne Tally on 6/29/2016

    Don't buy a car from them! They are about the money not the service. I have owned Mercedes since 1972. Why I bought a 2013 GLK from them keeps me shaking my head. I bought the package for maintenance, wheels, dents and details. They do not honor! They have hounded me for 3 years wanting to buy back my car and sell me another. Their service stinks, their technicians stink, there is favoritism throughout and believe me they want to sell cars not service them. They do not give a ( ) about you. I will never buy another car from this bad dealership in Buck head. Convenience? I will drive to Sandy Springs or the ends of the earth to avoid them in the future. Good Luck. Joanne Tally

  • Reviewed by goodmove on 6/20/2016

    We currently own 4 cars and have bought over 50 new cars in our lifetime... And this, was definitely the best car buying experience we have had! The Internet department through Benjamin Wheeler and Ashley answered all our questions and gave us a straight forward super competitive price. We drove 9 hours from Fort Lauderdale, FL to pickup our new C450 and could not be happier. The paper work process was flawless and fast thanks to Mr. Maldonado, and we had the pleasure of meeting the general sales manager, Dominic who made us feel very welcome. Our son will be needing a car in the next couple of months, and for the first time, we are actually looking forward to the car buying experience. If you are in the market for a Mercedes-Benz, anywhere, you owe it to yourself to at least give Benjamin a call. Best regards, Alex & Marlena.

  • Reviewed by Benz1 on 6/4/2016

    Last month I went to purchase a new car, took very long time (8 hours) and after so much wait, bought the car finally. But they didn't handed over the car properly. Not satisfied the way treated and didn't handed over as a brand new. Not satisfied.Paid for brand new car but didn't get that. Please do not trust these people, they won't honor what they have promised. Be aware...

  • Reviewed by Mercedeslover on 5/16/2016

    I do not know where to begin with my experience. From the time I walked in the door the morale was high that had been my second time I've been to this location. I was instantly set up with a salesperson and my day went by smooth as possible Toni and Phillip were very helpful when it came to any questions I had and gave me vital information I needed to know about the vehicle. I'm truly more than satisfied with my experience at Mercedes Benz of buckhead they have and outstanding sales team and I'd like to say thank you one more time for the help you gave me and I live my E350 coupe

  • Reviewed by Wiley Carter on 4/25/2016

    Jonas Hohenfield did an incredible job with regard to financing of my new vehicle. His visible passion for his work and extremely high level for having a customer service skill set, is second to none, speaks volumes. I would not hesitate to recommend anyone to consider doing business with this dealership.

  • Reviewed by Trish J on 4/13/2016

    I recently researched mid-size luxury SUVs and landed on the GLC 300. My experience in working with the staff at MB of Buckhead was exceptional from start to finish. After my initial visit to the dealership, Jewelian Griffith, the sales associate with whom I was dealing followed up promptly and professionally to answer any questions I may have. She struck just the right balance in educating me about the vehicle without being overly aggressive. When I did finally (it took a few weeks) return to negotiate and purchase the car, everyone I dealt with in the dealership was prompt, courteous and responsive to my questions and negotiating positions. The sales director, Dominic Ford, introduced himself, gave me his card with cell number and told me to call him if I ever had an issue or need --even if I was stranded on the side of the road. The finance team rep, Jonas, was even friendly. Marie Carter the product specialist who took me through how to work all the car's bells and whistles was similarly thorough and friendly. On the whole, my experience was like one would like it to be when buying a car -- pleasant, something I'd never experienced before!

  • Reviewed by Rammohan Viravalli on 4/11/2016

    I went and a bought a Mercedes GLC 300 couple of days ago. My Sales Manager David Olson was so courteous and professional we could close the deal in less than an hour. Dave was has immense knowledge on Merc Cars/Options and pressure whatsoever and more so he just found the right car for me with the right options the end of the day it was just about the car I liked. The rest of the team in Finance and Product specialist Moses were extremely helpful. The dealership is clean and pretty upscale with a inhouse cafe..I would go back to Merc at Buckhead in 3 years time to get a new car. Ram Viravalli

  • Reviewed by fyoung10 on 4/11/2016

    **UPDATE** I wanted to make sure that I posted an update to this last review. After posting this review I was contacted by Mercedes Benz of Buckhead Manager Dominic Ford. He not only insured me this is not the way they do business here at this location but wanted to display that this location is all about customer service. He asked that I come back in to meet with him and others. This experience was NIGHT and DAY again. They were so pleasing. I was set up with a car specialist Moses to walk me through my car and go over the features of my car. He was so nice, thorough, and amusing. He made it fun to learn more about my car and I appreciated that more than ever. I also met with another Manager named Grene Baranco. She also insured me that this is not how they handle business and this location is customer service based and sincerely apologized for what I experienced. They walked me around the service area and showed me everything. I will take my car back there because they showed me a different side and that was an isolated experience that was NOT a reflection of Mercedes Benz of Buckhead and the things they showed me let me know that and I am so appreciative for that. I have heard from some people a few years back that this dealership was the best. Lately I have heard different and I experienced it for myself. I contacted MB of Buckhead to purchase the new GLC 300. Benjamin Wheeler reached out to me to assist. I definitely wanted to purchase from here because it’s so close to my home less than 10 min away. I immediately went that day to meet with him and to possibly order my vehicle. There were a lot of upgrades I wanted to the vehicle so we discussed those, but couldn’t get to a price point I was satisfied with. So he told me he would do some more research and get back with me. In the meantime other dealerships were also reaching out to me and one happened to be all the way in Alpharetta, GA which is about 45 min away from me. I also met with them. Told them the EXACT same thing I told Benjamin at MB of Buckhead. They were eager to work with me and assist. I told them that I was working with him first and would like to give him the opportunity to get back with me. They were more than happy to do that. DAYS went by and I NEVER heard anything from him, and he was INFORMED that I was looking to make this deal VERY QUICKLY. He never responded. But Alpharetta followed up a lot, because they wanted the business. Although it was 45 min away I decided to go with them. On the day I was going to place the order with then low and behold Benjamin sends me a generic email about how it was good to meet me...blah blah…I told him he never contacted me back and that I was about to make the deal with Alpharetta unless he could get something done by COB today. He said oh yes, let me get out your old paperwork and get the new numbers and call you right back…HE NEVER CALLED BACK. So at 630 pm I just decided to go with Alpharetta. They were not only professional but they were about business. I am going to assume that Benjamin never had any one contest the price he gave…or tried to make a deal. Im buying a brand new vehicle and getting all upgrades …Im going to talk price here. So fast forward I got another generic email about a month later from Benjamin stating he was still here for me and that I should come there for maintenance and if anyone else wanted to buy a car to send to him. So I’m thinking…well maybe he is a good guy and it just didn’t work out. I got my car and I had a question about the door on the passenger side. Alpharetta told me I could go to MB of Buckhead to have them check it out. I take it up there and ask for Benjamin since he said I could contact him…he comes up to me looks at me like “What do you want” I explain why im here. I also wanted to get the courtesy wash everyone was talking about that has a Mercedes. He quickly said oh no …you can’t get your car washed here, that’s only for people who bought cars here and are a part of our elite status club. He stated that included washes and a maintenance package. I said oh I got the maintenance package can I just buy the washes from you guys. He looked at me as if I was the dumbest person on earth and said…ummmm no that not how we work at this location and you can’t. So I said ok…well I just want you guys to look at my door then, please. He said I’m not sure why they would tell you to come here for that when you bought it from them. His tone was so demeaning to me, and just rude. I left and I will NEVER send anyone there or purchase from them. Based on his responses and dealings with me, they are only interested in those that “LOOK” like they have money and big spenders. It seems to be all about what you look like and status at this location. They were rude and very unconcerned. I have since spoken with other MB dealerships and they ALL stated he should NOT have turned me away for a car that is still under warranty. If you really want to get GREAT service and get a good deal on a Mercedes DO NOT GO TO THIS LOCATION. MARK MY WORDS. I bought my car from RBM of Alpharetta and the service was INSANLEY good. It was like NIGHT AND DAY compared to MB of Buckhead.

  • Reviewed by Gary from Sea Island on 4/11/2016

    I purchased a used 2015 ml 350 with new tires. 9000 miles later at a routine service at a different Mercedes dealer I was told that the lug nuts on one wheel had been over tightened, stripped, and ruined the wheel hub - a $1500 mistake. When contacted, MB of Buckhead said it was my car and not there problem. What garbage. Had I tried to change a flat I would have been unable to remove the tire. Crappy service and no sense of responsibility. NOT THE WAY TO GET SATISFIED CUSTOMERS I have purchased 7 Mercedes - this is the first and LAST time I will ever deal with these incompetent arrogant people. IF YOU WANT TO BE TREATED LIKE CRAP THIS IS ONE PLACE THAT WILL FULFILL YOUR NEEDS

  • Reviewed by PascalP. George/benz on 3/16/2016

    While my experience Mercedes-Benz of Buckhead was ok, your ability to negotiate on the price of a used vehicle is deeply diminished if not eliminated all together. like other dealers, If you are in the market for a used vehicle the company will not service that vehicle prior to selling the vehicle to you. 'Sold as Is'. However, the sales man was very professional and helpful in getting me and my family reach our goal.

  • Reviewed by Happy Buyer on 3/11/2016

    When your previous car buying and service experience has been of exceptional quality, you return to the same dealership over and over. The Mercedes-Benz of Buckhead is such a place. While at the dealership to buy another new car from them last week, I encountered several others who also had returned because of the quality experiences they had had. This speaks volumes for the dealership overall and the individual team members who work there. Why can't other dealerships provide the same level of service? Apparently, they just don't care enough to do so.

  • Reviewed by David C. on 2/5/2016

    I bought a SMART car from Mercedes Benz Buckhead in 2009. Two days ago I purchased a 2011 C300 again from Mercedes Benz Buckhead. I have always been treated with great respect every time I had my SMART serviced there, and so I believe that will continue when I get my C300 serviced there as well. Thank you to MBB!

  • Reviewed by Very Happy! on 1/11/2016

    I had the best salesman Jonus who was waiting on me when I got there. I loved his bubbly personality and his attentiveness to my needs regarding my purchase. I was very pleased with my entire experience. From sales to finance. I would highly recommend MB of B'head. In fact, my brother expressed that he wants me to bring him to MB of B'head to look at the 550. So, in the future I will be bringing a customer. Thanks MBB.

  • Reviewed by lizz on 12/7/2015

    I just purchased my 4th vehicle from Mercedes in Buckhead and it never crossed my mind to go anywhere else. . I love the cars and I love the people there. My sales person Natasha and my service advisor Sam are the best at what they do. Everyone makes you feel like you are their only customer listening to what you want or need in a car. Sincerely, Liz Harris

  • Reviewed by satguy25 on 11/20/2015

    Visited MB of Buckhead after my previous car was totaled. Salesman Robert Duncan was determined to get me in a car that would meet all my needs. He did that in an awesome way and even returned my rental car for me. He took care of me as if I were family. Great Experience.

  • Reviewed by Orion29 on 10/27/2015

    I've been buying cars for almost 25 years and my experience with Mercedes Benz of Buckhead was exemplary. Being in my early 40's time is at a premium and I explored purchasing through the Internet Sales Department. I was given a fair quote and approved from MBFS all without ever meeting the Internet Sales Manager,Robert Brannan. Robert located the car I was looking for and made the deal happen. I drove 300 miles to buy from Mercedes Benz of Buckhead. My experience in the showroom met expectations and was on par with my experience with Robert. There were no smoke and mirrors just numbers cut and dry. My experience with the finance manager Se Kim was great. He was a car guy and we shared some stories. I did not spend an hour picking the car up. A stark contrast to past experiences where I have literally spent ALL Saturday in a showroom, negotiating with the salesman, GM and haggling with a finance managertrying to sell everything under the sun. Did I mention I was in and out that fast on a Saturday!!! I really appreciate Mercedes Benz of Buckhead use of technology to communicate. I spoke to Robert twice before meeting him at the showroom. My deal was made via email and a few text messages. Great for documentation and a huge convenience and time saver. I'm a customer for life!

  • Reviewed by carnutzo on 10/19/2015

    Buy your car at Mercedes-Benz of Buckhead if you want a no pressure car buying experience from start to end. Great product knowledge and dedicated to ensuring you get the car that fits your needs in terms of budget and style. I worked with Jeff Keitz (Sales Manager) and my Sales Advisor Jonas Hohenfield on a brand new 2015 C250. And then with Se Kim in F&I. Even the GM was involved to ensure complete satisfaction. Closing was handled quickly and professionally. Then walked out to our waiting car that was detailed to the max and with a full tank of gas. And yes, the car came with floor mats!

  • Reviewed by PG on 9/27/2015

    I had a pleasant experience working with Robert Brannan. I live in SC, price Robert quoted over email made me take a trip 150 miles away to Buckhead dealership in GA. Dealership is huge with a 4-level parking structure full of new and pre-owned cars. I was there check out the car, ended up leaving with new GLA. Robert was hospitable; brought us lunch while we are waiting for all the paper work to be done. Finance Manager, Phil Black was very meticulous, explained details of financing, maintenance program and extended warranty. Phil even honored my unusual request of wanting to check the under carriage of the car. Overall service I received was Above and Beyond what I expected!

  • Reviewed by einstein on 9/20/2015

    I have been refused service because they told me I had been abusive which is not true. I bought 2012 GLK and got a lemon and abandoned it at the dealership and walked home because i was so frustrated with the service and then I got a 2013 GLK and had the same problems and there were times when I wanted to do the same thing and just abandon it and let someone have it for free. It came to a point where they told me everything was fine and i told them it wasnt and then I was on my way to Orlando with my dog at ten o clock at night and the car died in Gainesville Florida on 1-75 in the middle of traffic and i had to fight MBUSA to get a technician. I have complained to Mercedes Benz USA numerous times about the lack of communication the dealership has provided to me. I have contacted the service manager numerous times and the regional manager when I had issues and they do not return phone calls They have refused service amenities such as shuttle service, loaner cars etc. The service advisors have refused to communicate to me about what service has been done to my vehicle and what upcoming services are needed upon checkout. I am very hands of when it comes to the care of my car and knowing what is and when needs to be done and these people keep you in the dark The service advisor advised services such as tires which I bought less than a year ago and never advised me when I needed a new car key that this was a final sale upon placement of order. When I asked for assistance in getting the text feature of activated the service advisor refused to assist me and stated that the technicians told him that this feature was not available on my car when it was. The receptionist in scheduling a service appointment are not friendly and accommodating to a person's schedule. This dealership takes advantage of the fact that I am a single female driver and I have spent over 100,000 in service and new vehicles over the last 2 years with this dealership and are not understanding of their customers. This was supposed to be my dream car and it has turned out to be a nightmare I love my Mercedes I do not love the service and how I have been treated and ABUSED by Mercedes and its sad because MBUSA is coming to Atlanta and it will be hometown product now and I would love to get another Mercedes but Im scared and no one in Corporate MBUSA has ever stuck up for me not the CEO nor the SR VP no one

  • Reviewed by WynnGirl on 8/8/2015

    I had an excellent experience working with Toni Graham. She was professional, knowledgeable and everything went seamlessly. One of the best experiences I have had with a dealership.

  • Reviewed by camehl on 8/7/2015

    Went above and beyond the normal sales deal since I was out of state and very particular about my cars. The whole process was smooth, not only for this car but my other car I purchased from Dominic Ford as well. Doesn't matter if you are ten minutes away or ten hours away, Dominic is the go to guy period.

  • Reviewed by MIAMIMIKE on 8/7/2015

    Felt at ease from the first moment, like I had met a new friend.. The sale went seamlessly... very impressed I will let others know about this experience

  • Reviewed by University Prof on 7/21/2015

    Unfortunately, I had a poor experience with this dealership. I was interested in an Pre-owned ML 350 or a Lexus RX 350 two competing SUV's. Every sales technique you read about on the Internet was exercised by the dealer (low ball the trade-in give a small discount on the sale). They low balled my trade-in by $6500 because this 1.5 year old car had an accident on the car fax, which we weren't privy too at the purchase. Comparing our experience with the Lexus dealer, thestarting negotiations with the same information, came in at $6,500 more than Mercedes (Lexus - same year, price and comparable features) and in addition we ended up with another $1,500 for the trade...without even pressing them. Some how an upper bracket two income family customer with credit scores in the mid 800's and a deposit placed on a vehicle could not land a sale is beyond my understanding. Three unanswered phone calls over two days, no information as to their progress finding a vehicle finally ended with a text from the sales guy saying if he couldn't get a vehicle in the next two days I would get my refund back, no report on progress. With the same timeline, Lexus found a car with everything we wanted and without attempting to screw us on a trade in. In general, I think the fact that the sales guys are not permitted to make decisions without their supervisors, demonstrates the lack of trust from their superiors at such decisions. The fact that these sales guys know that their bosses are forcing them to screw you over shows their own lack of moral intelligence. I doubt this company has legitimate repeat buyers. Everyone that I know will hear the story Buckheads Mercedes wrote for me!

  • Reviewed by Deathlurker on 6/10/2015

    If you are looking for a new Mercedes, just call Robert Brannan at 678-614-8244. He was awesome and made the purchase of my wife's new GL450 simple. Additionally, he even drove to my house in Kennesaw to pick it up on a Saturday so it did not mess with my weekend to get a entertainment package put into the car. I am very happy.

  • Reviewed by Kerlita Tramontana on 12/8/2014

    I worked with Robert Brannan for two months for the exact CLA250 that I wanted. Placed an order for one black on black and one did arrive but it was one loaded with more options. Robert and Mercedes of Buckhead actually discounted the vehicle to within a couple of thousand dollars so that I would stay in my budget. I appreciate all that Robert and Mercedes Benz of Buckhead did for my first Mercedes purchase. Thank you.

  • Reviewed by Eric Martin on 11/22/2014

    Of all of the car buying experiences we've had, we agreed this was the most enjoyable and the smoothest - that credit goes to Carol Davis and the team at MB Buckhead. I got the chance to walk away with a ridiculously good deal on a service loaner C250 lease and Carol didn't disappoint. She worked with the finance manager to put together a great deal on my terms, and I'm very pleased with my vehicle. Bryan in finance was casual enough to make the last critical part of the process enjoyable, and did his job in outlining their additional service package offerings but put zero pressure on us, which was refreshing. Overall, I was honestly surprised at how tight the process was from start to finish as my previous experiences at other dealerships have been good but not great like this. If you're going to buy a Mercedes, there's lots of dealerships in Atlanta, but I'd definitely recommend giving MB of Buckhead a chance, I wouldn't be surprised if they come away with the winning deal.

  • Reviewed by eades on 9/20/2014

    Carol Davis was awesome!!!!! Her patience and honesty (words not easily used when purchasing a car) enabled me to buy a E350 convertible. She went above and beyond to make sure that the sale served my best interests. She pays attention to a customer's needs, waded her way through all my particular issues and made it happen. She deserves 5 stars!!

  • Reviewed by martha.youngmcquilkin on 9/10/2014

    I was ever so pleased with the courteous reception I received as well as the efficiency of the financial personnel. The two employees listed below complement the elegance of my newly leased C250C to perfection.

  • Reviewed by jwkelner on 8/15/2014

    Carol Davis was exceptional in her service in enabling me to buy a wonderful SLK250. She went above and beyond to make sure that the sale served my best interests. She knows the car, pays attention to a customer's needs, waded her way through all my particular issues and made it happen. David Maldonado was outstanding, also and this is the second time I dealt with him. Tiffany also went above and beyond to make this work. I love this particular dealership. I am a loyal buyer because of the fantastic sales and service departments. I have been a Mercedes owner for 14 years because of that and this is my third Mercedes. They always deserve 5 stars!!

  • Reviewed by marion.michelle.3 on 7/11/2014

    Overall my experience with Carol was amazing, she was very detailed, updated me regularly and was always very professional. Best of all she kept her word with whatever she said.

  • Reviewed by nkh1206 on 7/10/2014

    I purchased a 2014 CLA250 and have had the car for a month now, and have loved every minute of owning this car. The car is sleek, fun and every bit of a Mercedes for being the entry level car. Carol Davis was my sales rep and she was a true pleasure to work with. Her knowledge of the brand was great and her guidance in selecting the correct car was invaluable. I hope to be a continued customer of both Mercedes-Benz of Buckhead and Carol Davis the next time I need to purchase a vehicle.

  • Reviewed by PagePorter on 5/19/2014

    Carol Davis was a fantastic sale representative that helped me buy my SLK250. She was very attentive and responded to my questions with information or ideas that clearly indicated she cared about my purchase. I came into the dealership near closing, but she never acted like she was in a hurry. She shared my excitement for my purchase and we were able to close the deal on the same day. I had been to 2 other dealers the same day and could not wait to get out and on to the next. I knew when we were about half-way through I would get the car I was wanted!

  • Reviewed by mk2014 on 5/14/2014

    I am not usually one to write reviews, but my husband and I had a wonderful experience buying a very gently used Mercedes last week from Mercedes Benz of Buckhead. There was no pressure at all to purchase and we spent quite a bit of time looking at the available inventory- so long in fact that we stayed after closing time. I highly recommend Carol and the team.

  • Reviewed by Michael816 on 4/28/2014

    Unfortunately our purchase and service have been anything but smooth. We purchased a 2012 GL450 in October of 2013 and have had the vehicle in the shop for more than 30 days of the time we have owned it. Some of this can be attributed to poor quality on the part of Mercedes(3 electrical boards replaced and in 3 times for faulty steering knuckles) and others due to the dealership not identifying and/or repairing the issue(s) on the first attempt. We completely understand that vehicles today are complex and complicated but when you pay as much as you do for a Mercedes the expectations are higher. Our treatment by some of the employees was duragatory. One even said 'Kenny Rogers wife is here could you please wait until I'm done with her?'. No follow up calls from the salesman after complaining of the issues we've had. I will say that Paul Tully and Jeff Meeker were very responsive when issues were escalated. In the end though, when we asked what could be done to help us be more comfortable with the vehicle, nothing was able to be accomplished. In the end it has been a very disappointing experience with Mercedes and with the dealership and we feel left out in the cold with our purchase. Michael

  • Reviewed by ronnieb18 on 9/16/2013

    I visited the showroom without and appointment and Alvin Gomez was assigned to be my sales consultant. Alvin, was professional, courteous, knowledgeable and friendly. He told me all about the car I was interested and treated me like a friend and not just a customer. Although I ended not purchasing a Mercedes, I would highly recommend using Alvin as a sales consultant if you know you are purchasing a Mercedes.

  • Reviewed by Rrsud on 8/6/2013

    Phillip Black is great and a pleasure to deal with. He is the sole reason I am in a Mercedes-Benz today, besides the fact that I love the vehicle.

  • Reviewed by zkehayov on 7/31/2013

    The entire team was great and made unbelievable experience, easy process and satisfactory deal. George was very response to all of my inquiries, found the car with the options i wanted and Tiffany took the time to explain to me the leasing process, terms and pros and cons. Thank you to both!

  • Reviewed by PeterGans on 7/29/2013

    I am very pleased. I am a returning Smart Car buyer and your sales staff earned my business. They got back to me on time and kept following up until they got me back into the dealership and closed the sale. The service continued right through the delivery and Evert will always take care of me.

  • Reviewed by cbatiste52 on 7/28/2013

    I saw the vehicle online and then contacted the listed sales person for further information. After being informed the vehicle was still available I went to the Dealership. It was a great experience from beginning to end. Cole was kind, friendly and attentive making it seem like we were friends instead of a customer he just met. From the moment I was in the door everyone I encountered made me feel welcomed!

  • Reviewed by dwbrooks3 on 7/24/2013

    This is my second purchase from Mercedes Benz Buckhead and would not go anywhere else! Their service department is the most highly ranked in the nation and for good reason ... they are organized, fast, professional and run like a well-oiled machine. Their sales staff is courteous, informed and a pleasure to deal with. I work with Michael Hirth and he is the absolute best, most professional sales person I have ever dealt with when buying a vehicle. He takes care of his customers from the moment they engage with him, answering questions, responding to concerns and making the buying process a complete pleasure.

  • Reviewed by Mike3614 on 7/22/2013

    Overall my experience was excellent. John was very quick to work out a deal that was acceptable for both MBoB as well as for me and my wife. Service was fantastic, from being picked up at the airport to signing of the papers which were ready at my request upon arrival. The only less than positive experience was that the vehicle was dirty (door seals, under hood, etc) in all places that are not easily washed with a sponge. John was quick to take action, had the vehichle fully detailed and offered a very nice key chain as a token for this inconvenience. I would/will certainly recommend your dealership should we or a friend/family member be in the market for a new or used Mercedes-Benz. Sincerely, Michael Cox