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  • Reviewed by Yang Li from Boston on 3/27/2017

    Had a very positive experience at this dealership and specifically with George. George is very knowledge, helpful, and considerate during the entire process since I stepped into the dealership. His 10 years of work experience is impressive and at the customer's front very helpful. He accommodated our schedules, never rushed me into any decisions, and actually thought for me in a lot of different ways (financially, offer discounts, etc.). Although the deal didn't go through because of my own personal decision, I would regardlessly highly recommend you to speak with George if you are at this dealership and I am sure that you will have a similar experience as I had recently.

  • Reviewed by LAILA SAFA on 3/27/2017

    I bought my car from this location and love it to pieces! The are very organized and any issues resolve it immediately.

  • Reviewed by Michael Bishara from Atlanta on 3/21/2017

  • Reviewed by Paul vinson on 3/13/2017

    Nice folks. I didn't feel hustled. I love my new E Class!

  • Reviewed by Max Ruso from Atlanta on 3/4/2017

    Great service with good people. Tnx Troy for taking care of all little issues with the car

  • Reviewed by Diane Watson on 3/2/2017

    I visit this location for all service on my little Smart Car. Mr. Mann, my service manager, is helpful, kind and knowledgeable. I am so grateful that he is there.

  • Reviewed by Sergio Grippo on 2/24/2017

    We had a awesome experience in Mercedes benz Buckhead, the salesperson was amazing

  • Reviewed by michael hodo on 2/23/2017

  • Reviewed by M Roberson on 2/12/2017

    Lisa Reid is the most amazing service advisor in Atlanta. She takes great care of you and treats you like you're the only customer. My friend gets his car serviced here and my next car will be a Mercedes - Lisa you Rock

  • Reviewed by Ghai Johnson on 2/9/2017

    Just browsing.

  • Reviewed by CEE UU DEE on 1/28/2017

  • Reviewed by Carson Matthews from Atlanta Georgia on 1/25/2017

    The service staff at MBofB has been top notch. The facilities are very nice, they offer snacks, coffee, bottled water, and are quick to get you into a loaner when reserved. The location is very convenient for those Intown and around Buckhead.

  • Reviewed by Zhengyu Zhang on 1/18/2017

    Overall upscale and clean facility, all the cars are stored on the top levels. A huge selection. Sales and services are nice and friendly.

  • Reviewed by christopher estes on 1/13/2017

    I have a certificate for mercedes benz accessories through american express. The knoxville mercedes dealer doesn't have many accessories so a few months ago I called to see when the gift shop closed. I drove 3 hours to find that they closed early and that no one could help me. Then on Dec. 31 I called and they said that it would close at 4, I drive 3 hours again and arrive at 3:30 to hear that they were wrong and closed at 2 that day. No Im sorry, no let me see if I can get someone to help, just a big FU. After 2 trips I will never be back.

  • Reviewed by Shola Stephens on 1/12/2017

    The purchase process was awesome. I dealt with Mr. Wheeler. I flew in from Florida to make the transaction in 12/2015 and the experience was perfect. Speed up to 11/2016. I upgraded my vehicle at Mercedes Benz of Delray. I was advised that I need to contact Buckhead dealership[ and cancel some of the optional packages that I purchased. Somehow I was connected with Jacob Montague. The prorated refund amount on purchases and gap insurance didn't seem correct. I have emailed him, left messages, and even spoke to him yesterday. He was quite rude, as if I was a bother. If I was buying a car im sure the vibe would be a lot different. I asked him if I could deal with someone else in the finance/accounting department who could give me an itemized breakdown on how they calculated the proration. Has yet to return my call or email

  • Reviewed by Sheridan Reilly on 1/11/2017

  • Reviewed by Bertron Belvin from Atlanta on 1/7/2017

    Great service

  • Reviewed by Kevin Gibson on 1/4/2017

    Great SERVICE

  • Reviewed by Phil Siegelman on 12/29/2016

  • Reviewed by Chaitanya K on 12/28/2016

  • Reviewed by Chaitu AR on 12/25/2016

  • Reviewed by Sebrena Washington on 12/22/2016

    Mr Garland was wonderful. He was very patient and knowledgeable as well as professional about everything car in the lot. I love this place.

  • Reviewed by Rodney Henry on 12/22/2016

  • Reviewed by Gary Cooper on 12/21/2016

  • Reviewed by Ernesto Tarazona on 12/16/2016

  • Reviewed by ???? ??????? from Tehran on 12/13/2016


  • Reviewed by jamie Arnold from Atlanta on 12/5/2016

  • Reviewed by nrhoney from Atlanta on 12/3/2016

  • Reviewed by Mikhail VK from PLANET EARTH on 12/1/2016

    ease access on tge side of the highway)

  • Reviewed by Konstantin B on 11/24/2016

    Great dealership. Its Mercedes so they come with a certain attitude, but its OK, once you get past that they're a great bunch of people to work with. Service may take a while but there is free WiFi to work while you wait.

  • Reviewed by Gerald Massengill on 11/24/2016

  • Reviewed by D Kennedy on 11/20/2016

  • Reviewed by Sean Kim on 11/18/2016

    Great service. My salesman really took good care of us and made the whole process easy and painless! Awesome overall experience!

  • Reviewed by Ashley Underwood on 11/15/2016

  • Reviewed by Sahitya Reddy on 11/13/2016

  • Reviewed by Ilgam Babaev on 11/8/2016

  • Reviewed by Vic Anand on 11/3/2016

    First they tried to charge me near full price on a used car. They tried to charge for many accessories and fees associated with new cars on a used car. Then, I had to take a phone call while I was there and was walking around looking for a private place to chat and multiple staff members annoyed me and harassed me and told me I couldn't be somewhere. This place seems nice and friendly on the surface, but is actually quite unprofessional once you interact with them. I tried to call and discuss this with them but could not get through to a live person.

  • Reviewed by Nella Carter on 11/3/2016

    This customer service here is impeccable! Gotta love Brent my service manager.

  • Reviewed by Bernadette Boudreaux on 11/2/2016

  • Reviewed by TONY HORTON on 10/31/2016

    If you are looking for friendly sales and sevice professionals... MB of Buckead is what you seek.

  • Reviewed by Karthik Bheemsingh on 10/29/2016

  • Reviewed by Crystal Kilgore on 10/28/2016

  • Reviewed by bugra yildiz on 10/19/2016

  • Reviewed by Blake Cooper on 10/15/2016

    My car place.

  • Reviewed by Ibukun M on 10/14/2016

  • Reviewed by Jon Byrd on 10/10/2016

    I wrote the same thing on Yelp.
    If you are looking for a new Mercedes, just call Robert Brannan. He was awesome and made the purchase of my wife's new GL450 simple. Additionally, he even drove to my house in Kennesaw to pick it up on a Saturday so it did not mess with my weekend to get a entertainment package put into the car.

    I am very happy.

  • Reviewed by Duckhwan Kim on 10/3/2016

  • Reviewed by Gareth Genner from Atlanta on 9/12/2016

    Like valeting at a resort hotel.

  • Reviewed by Christina Marie on 9/9/2016

  • Reviewed by Brandi_ _ on 9/6/2016